Media Specialist: Mrs. Vickie Laroche

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our media center. You can call me on the phone or e-mail with your questions. My e-mail is:

Media Center Policies

The media center is open all day from 8:30 to 2:45 for book check out. Students come on a daily basis to check out and return books. Parents are welcome to come in and receive a library check out number at anytime. Students – 2 books – one week period Parents – 5 books – one week period


Bobcat Beat is our morning announcements that are broadcast live every morning at 8:05 over our closed circuit system. Fourth and Fifth graders broadcast the show.


AR Book Finder This is a reading program to encourage students to read for pleasure. They earn points by taking a test on the book they have read. The tests are located on the computer. At the end of each nine weeks we have an AR shopping day. The students can trade their points for merchandise. If you wish to see if some of the books you have at home are AR please log on to the Renaissance Learning website.